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Creating images to suit a specific mood or idea is a particularly interesting challenge. The "Dancer" series above was created to echo some of the themes of work by Edgar Degas. Selecting a suitable model for any artwork is an essential component of the process, as is choosing the correct medium for creating the work. Just as a painter must select the correct surface, medium and tools for application, so the same is true for the artistic photographer. From the outset the model selected for this project, Jocelyn Brooke-Hamilton, was appraised of the intended result. The base images were taken on 35mm colour transparency film, which was then scanned at high resolution. The resulting colour digital image was then converted to a black and white negative image. This was printed onto cheap photocopy paper on an inkjet printer to give a large paper negative with many imperfections in the paper. This paper negative was subsequently contact-printed (without pressure) onto fibre-based photographic paper, which was processed normally and finally toned in hot coffee (including grounds). The resulting images have a similar appearance to Bromoil prints but without the environmental and health risks of the Bromoil process.

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