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Big African Adventure 2018

September to October Date TBA 2018

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This is the ultimate photography experience for the more adventurous photographer. Not actually a workshop, this safari is simply an opportunity to join us on one of our "back-to-basics" photo-safari trips in Kenya. We camp in the African bush and drive ourselves. One of the downsides of most safaris is that they are too organised and too luxurious. Guides know that to get a big tip they have to satisfy the interests of a wide range of guests and cannot afford to waste too much time in one place. This can be very disappointing to photographers, who may be taken away from somewhere that is just beginning to look promising because the rest of the guests want to move on. As we drive ourselves, we are free to seek out the photo-opportunities and to stay as long as necessary to get the shots. Another downside to many luxury safaris is that you never really get to know the people. On the nights we are not camping in the bush, we stay in the hotels and lodges the Kenyans themselves use, not the over-priced luxury facilities designed to keep rich tourists away from the natives! Camping in the African bush does present its own challenges and is not for the faint-hearted.

In 2018 we will concentrate on Tsavo East National Park, Tsavo West National Park and the Masai Mara. This safari will take place around September and October 2018 but we would need to know who is interested in going by the beginning of May in order to book accommodation and vehicle hire. We do not make money from our Kenyan safaris. All you will be asked to pay is your share of the costs for vehicle hire, fuel etc and your own entry to reserves, accommodation, flights etc. We do all the organising. We do, however ask that if you come with us, you make a donation to Save The Elephants through our Just Giving Page.

We regularly run a blog whilst on safari in Kenya. If you would like to see how things have gone, good and bad, on our previous safaris, please click here.


A full list of essential and recommended equipment will be supplied in the brochure for those attending this safari.

Click here to enquire about booking your place on this safari.
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