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Shooting in Confined Spaces Photography Workshop

With Jessica Taylor


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Often photographers get asked to produce a set of boudoir images in someone's home, either as a favour to a friend or as a job for a client. The circumstances can be far from ideal, especially if the client only has a very tiny bedroom to shoot from. Alternatively, you may be considering converting a spare bedroom into a small home studio. This workshop will be equally suitable for you.

We will look at different lighting options - natural window-light, flashguns/speedlights and full studio lighting equipment. We will also consider how to make the best of the focal lengths you have available so that you can give your client the best possible service with what you have. Our aim is not only for you to learn but to have fun and to take away with you a selection of images suitable for demonstrating to potential boudoir clients what can be achieved for them.

The model for this workshop will be top professional model, Jessica Taylor.

Due to limitations of space, this workshop is limited to 4 participants on a first-come-first-served basis.

The price for this workshop is £85. Please click the button below to pay via PayPal.

 If you prefer not to pay by PayPal, please contact us to arrange alternative methods of payment.




Recommended equipment for this workshop is:

    Standard Lens (24-70mm or thereabouts)

Optional Items:

    Wide Angle Lens

    Mid-range lens

    Short-Medium Telephoto Lens



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