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Introduction to Digital SLR Photography Workshop

DSLR Camera

This workshop is aimed at photographers who are new to Digital SLR cameras and those with some experience who wish to brush up on their knowledge and skills. The workshop is split into four sections, with one each week from 10am to 12noon Usually on a Saturday morning. We do things this way to give you time to practice the skills learned each week before we move on.

The four sections are:

Getting to Know Your Camera ~ If you have just picked up a DSLR camera for the first time, then you will be confronted with an array of buttons, dials and menus, not to mention a manual as thick as a dictionary in some cases. It can seem bewildering and confusing. This first lesson aims to acquaint you with the parts of your camera and give you a basic understanding of what all the buttons and knobs do. As well as explanations, there will be practical exercises to get you used to handling your DSLR.

Gaining Control of Your Camera ~ Now you have some idea of the basics, we move onto taking control of some of the more advanced settings of the camera, to give you more creative control of what you produce. Practical exercises will help you to understand the effects of different settings on your images.

Advanced Techniques ~ In this lesson we move on to creative shooting techniques, with demonstrations of the affects additional equipment like filters, tripods and flash can have to enhance our shooting capability. We also look at compositional techniques to give your image impact.

Digital Processing ~ With the skills and knowledge you have now gained, we take a look at the final stage of photography; creating the final image.

We understand that some people may not wish to book every session, so you can book just the individual sessions that you think are best for you at £45 each, or you can book the full course of four lessons for £150. To book your place on this workshop please click the button below. If you would prefer bespoke one-to-one training, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Lesson Choices

Recommended equipment for this workshop is:

    Lens (kit lens that came with your camera is fine)

Optional Items:


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