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Highlands in Winter Photography Workshop

January 13th to 15th 2017

Loch Mullardoch frozen in WinterRed Deer Stag in snowWinter snow in the HighlandsFrosted Grasses in Winter

The Sottish Highlands are spectacular at any time of the year but in winter, they take on a whole new and breathtaking appearance. For this workshop we will base ourselves in the haunting beauty of Glen Coe. Although this will be mainly a landscape photography workshop, there may be opportunities for some wildlife photography too, as the winter pushes wildlife to forage longer and lower down the mountains for food.

For those of a hardy disposition and having suitable equipment, we have a lower-priced camping option and for everyone else, the price includes B&B accommodation.

The cost for this workshop is £325 including B&B accommodation or if you are feeling adventurous and properly equipped, £180 camping.

To book your place on this workshop please click the button below.


Recommended equipment for this workshop is:


    Wide Angle Lens (most DSLR cameras come with a suitable kit lens to begin landscape photography)

    Warm Winter clothing (many layers are better than one thick layer)

    Sturdy walking boots

    Waterproof clothing


    Remote release

    Woolly hat


Optional Items:

    Graduated Neutral Density Filters

    Polarising Filter

    Remote Release

    Medium and Long Telephoto Lenses


    Sleeping bag

    Ground mat (Thermarest or similar highly recommended)

    Camping cookset etc

    Pocket warmer

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