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Out Of Africa Photographic Experience

Kenya, March 8th to 14th 2020

Out of Africa Experience Poster
Our 2020 Out Of Africa Photographic Experience is guaranteed to tick the boxes for almost every photographer. Keira Lavelle is one of the most popular photographic models in Europe and Jessica Taylor has rapidly become one of the most in-demand photographic models in the UK. Their ability to create something special from any situation is why they are regarded as among the best of their generation of artistic models. Once we throw stunning period costumes and props, the breathtaking African landscape and the wildlife of Kenya into the mix, this promises to be the most complete photographic experience any photographer could wish for!
Karen Blixen wrote in her book, Out Of Africa; "I tried to remember the colours of Africa" and it is not until you witness the colours of the land, the plants, the animals, the birds and the people that you can truly appreciate that sentiment. Kenya is a genuinely breathtaking country and everything about it is so photogenic that you are already spoiled for photo-opportunities without the addition of two top models. Having all of that as a backdrop with two top professional models and a selection of stunning outfits and props will give you options most other photographers would give their best lens for.

Zebra at Dawn

Stunning colours as Zebra kick up dust at dawn from one of the balconies at the lodge
We have a variety of beautiful period costumes and props for the models from the early 20th Century (both reproduction and original) to enable you to create sumptious images that call back the Edwardian period and the golden age of safari, about which Out Of Africa was written and also a selection of more modern safari fashions and accessories to give you a multitude of creative opportunities with Jessica and Keira. In addition, there will be opportunities to enjoy and photograph the amazing wildlife itself, large and small, of the country that is the home of safari.

Superb Starling

Kenya's birdlife is spectacular, with over 1,000 species. This Superb Starling was photographed at the lodge bar
Your accommodation will be in a delightful safari lodge that has won numerous awards. Each room has a private balcony that overlooks a waterhole that is visited throughout the night and day by huge numbers of wildlife, from large herds of Elephant, Buffalo and Zebra, to Baboons, Warthogs, Leopards, Cheetahs and Lions. The lodge is situated in a private game sanctuary that shares an un-fenced border on three sides with Tsavo East National Park and wildlife is free to move between the sanctuary and the National Park. All meals and drinks are included in the price and the lodge bar has a wide terrace that extends towards the waterhole, giving an excellent backdrop with views across the sanctuary into Tsavo East National Park.

Shooting from the bar


Balcony view  

Each room at the lodge has a balcony that overlooks the waterhole and the bar terrace gives a great view of the waterhole and Tsavo East beyond

Lodge room


Room interior

Rooms at the lodge are spacious, comfortable and clean, with excellent facilities. Every room looks onto the waterhole 
In addition to shooting at various locations around the Sanctuary and lodge, we shall make two one-day visits to Tsavo East National Park. The short walk to the top of the stunning outcrop of Mudanda Rock offers unparalleled views across the National Park as far as the eye can see as a magnificent backdrop. Below the rock is a huge waterhole that offers a great source of water for all manner of wildlife. We will also visit Lugard Falls, where the changing power of the Galana River has carved spectacular patterns into the rocks. Beyond the river lies the Yatta Plateau, the longest continuous plateau in the World. Along the way, we will meet a plethora of the incredible diversity of wildlife this truly wild place has to offer, including many of the over 1,000 species of birds to be seen in Kenya. Tsavo East National Park really does live up to its billing as the "Theatre Of The Wild". Your Kenya Wildlife Service Conservation Fees for entering the National Park are also included in the price.

View from Mudanda Rock

The spectacular view across uninterrupted African wilderness from Mudanda Rock harks back to days before the environment was threatened 

The price for this amazing Photography Experience is just £3,600 but if you book before March 31st 2019 you can take advantage of our Early Bird Discount and get it for just £3,200
What is included in the price?
  • Full board accommodation including drinks*
  • Transfers to and from the airport and the lodge
  •  All model fees
  • All travel between locations
  • Conservation fees for entry to the National Park
What is not included in the price? 
  • Flights to and from Kenya ~ You should book your outward flight overnight on the 7th March 2020, to arrive in the early hours of the morning on the 8th at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi. Your return flight should be booked for overnight on the 14th March from the same airport.
  • Single entry Visa (available online or on arrival at the airport)
  • Toiletries and items of a personal nature
  • Souvenirs
  • Holiday Insurance ~ Please make sure you have adequate insurance cover for your holiday
  • Photographic Equipment Insurance ~ Your camera equipment should be covered for international travel. Please check that your insurance covers this.
  • Flying Doctor Insurance ~ Whilst not essential, we recommend that you purchase Flying Doctor Insurance because ambulances can take several hours to reach remote locations and several more to take you to a modern hospital if you suffer illness or injury during your trip. The Flying Doctor Service operates air ambulances that fly into remote locations and evacuate casualties to hospital.
*Terms & Conditions Apply

The Maneaters Of Tsavo

The Maneaters of Tsavo were two Lions who terrorised the workers building the railway through Tsavo. The aim of the project was to build a railway from Mombasa, on the Indian Ocean coast, all the way through Kenya and on to Kampala in Uganda. During the construction of the bridge over the Tsavo River, several of the workers (mostly brought from British India) were attacked and eaten by Lions. The Lions gained a fearsome reputation and on one occasion killed six workers, dragging them from their tents into the night. On another occasion, one of the supervisors was pulled through the open window of his office in broad daylight and consumed. The workers eventually became so terrified that they ran away and work was halted on the bridge. Eventually, Leiutenant Colonel John H. Patterson managed to kill the Lions, which turned out to be extremely large males with no manes. It was estimated at the time that the Lions had killed and eaten around 100 people but more conservative estimates ranged around 30. More recent isotopic analysis from hair samples of the Lions (which can be seen stuffed and mounted in the Chicago Field Museum) suggests a figure of around 25 to 40 people were consumed by them. Additional studies indicated that root decay in the tooth of one of the Lions would have made killing his normal prey excrutiatingly painful, so he would have switched to something easier to catch and tear apart. This ties in with modern cases of maneating, where the culprits have been found to suffer tooth decay, damage or abscesses. Tsavo is the only place in the World where maneless male Lions are routinely found and you can still see descendants of the Maneaters of Tsavo today.


Maneless Lions on a kill

Maneless male Lions on a Buffalo Calf kill in Tsavo 
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