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Kenya ~ Land of Contrasts

Mtwapa Creek at sunsetLioness in Masai MaraElephant Close-UpWatamu Beach on the Kenyan CoastMasai Woman Singing

Kenya is a quite remarkable country. Situated at the root of the Horn of Africa, what was once known as British East Africa became Kenya on its independence in 1963. It is the home of safari; indeed the word "safari" is a Kiswahili word meaning "journey". With a nation made up of people from 42 indigenous tribes plus descendents of settlers from Arabic and European cultures, it is no surprise that this country has an amazing cultural diversity. The variety of people in Kenya is equally matched by the variety of landscapes, wildlife and colours. This one-hour visual journey takes you from the exotic Swahili Coast, with its Portuguese, British and Arabic influences to the dry desert scrubland of Tsavo, the volcanic plains of Kimana and finally to the high grasslands of the Masai Mara. This presentation is equally suitable for schools or clubs with an interest in travel or photography. It also makes an excellent treat for staff if you want to give your workforce an hour's escapism to boost morale!

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