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Lightroomtm For Photographers Tutorial

Wednesday 24th January 2018 7pm-9pm

Lightroom Splash Screen

    Adobe® Lightroomtm is one of the most powerful tools available for photographers today. Used to its full potential, it can dramatically improve your workflow, processing times, handling of client enquiries and help you manage your ever-expanding catalogue of images effectively.
    In this tutorial we will look at how you can use the power of Lightroomtm to speed up everything about your digital image handling, from importing to output. We will look at the powerful editing tools available in Lightroomtm and how it can be used to seemlessly interact with Photoshoptm to ensure that your workflow is fast and effective, whether you prefer light-touch editing or full digital manipulation.
    We will also look at how Lightroomtm keywording can be streamlined to make finding the correct image for the client or project simple and fast and the various ways you can prepare your images for export to ensure they look the way you want the client to see them.

    If you already have Lightroomtm installed on a laptop, feel free to bring it along to help you explore the techniques and ideas we will cover. If you don't already have Lightroomtm we can highly recommend the Adobe® Creative Cloud monthly plan for photographers, which includes fully updated versions of Lightroomtm and Photoshoptm for a small monthly fee.

The price for this tutorial is £35 and numbers are limited to four participants.
To book your place, please use the PayPal link below.

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