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Film Noir Photography Experience

Film Noir is one of the most recognisable genres of the 20th Century. Despite growing out of the necessities of low budget production in the explosion of movie making studios after the Second World War, it has stood the test of time and continues to influence many modern film makers in both style and content to this day.

Our Film Noir Photography Experience is an immersive, interactive event that gives you the chance to learn the compositional, lighting and set dressing techniques used in the original Film Noir productions of the late 1940s to mid 1950s in a hugely fun and entertaining way.

Each event has a full script, with photographers taking the role of the studio stills photographer, whose job it is to produce the promotional stills for a Film Noir movie. We have several different scripts with murder mystery and gangster themes like those common to the genre. Our collection of genuine vintage and reproduction props and outfits helps add authenticity to each scene.

Movie director

Our "Ladykillers" script is based around a murder mystery during the making of a Hollywood movie

Gang boss

Our "Helen and the Hitman" script has a gangster theme
The event begins with a 3 hour studio session, where we shoot all the indoor scenes, using a variety of lighting and set dressing techniques from the early days of Film Noir. We encourage everyone taking part to bring anything they think may be a suitable prop. After the studio session, we adjourn for a break before the evening session outdoors at suitable locations in your area, where we look at how light was used to maintain the drama in outdoor scenes, framing and composition and posing the models outdoors for theatrical effect.

Star-crossed lovers

Lovers meeting under the lamp and the moon


In the nick of time, our heroine saves the young cop from being strangled with his own tie

Helen kills the mob boss

Helen breaks free from the mob boss's grip and plunges a letter opener into his heart

The interview

Interview at the Police Station

Discovery of a body

Discovery of a body

Detective interviewing

Detectives interview a star about the murder of a young starlet, whilst her Personal Assistant looks on from behind her magazine

Look behind you

Look behind you

Murder scene photos

Crime scene photos during the interview give our heroine an idea of who may be responsible but the detective is not sure
If you are looking for an exciting, fun way for everyone to learn something new in photography, in a laugh-a-minute creative atmosphere, then this might just be the perfect event for your camera club.

The price for our Film Noir Photography Experience is £250 if you provide the models and £1,000 if we provide the models. You can save on costs if some of your club members are willing to also play roles as models. Travel and accommodation costs will also need to be covered but if several clubs in your area wished to organise a Film Noir Experience, this could be shared.

To enquire about booking our Film Noir Photography Experience for your club, click here 

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