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Photoclassic does not collect contact details for marketing purposes. We do not sell or supply lists of contact details to any third parties. We do not send out bulk marketing emails to addresses we hold. We do not contact previous customers with marketing emails. If you are a current or past client of PhotoClassic or a potential client who has contacted us, your contact details will only be used to contact you in relation to any work we are carrying out for you or with you or in relation to any enquiries you have made regarding our services.



PhotoClassic does not use any browser tracking such as cookies etc. Our website is hosted on secure servers operated by a third-party business hosting service and exists purely to provide information about the photographic services we provide and to allow clients and potential clients to contact us or place orders for goods and services.



The data we hold on individuals and organisations varies depending on our need for certain information in order to provide our services. This may include:

We do not hold any credit or debit card details because all of our online ordering is charged through a third party service that deals with the payment (PayPal).



In certain circumstances we will need sensitive personal data in order to fulfil our contract, for example intimate photographs for a private boudoir photography or artistic nude photography commission or personal injury photographs as evidence for legal cases. In the case of private commissions for artistic nude or boudoir photography, we will only ever share the data with the person commissioning the photoshoot (and the person being photographed if they are not the same person). In the case of personal injury photographs, all images, RAW files and injury location diagrams are destroyed once the images have been supplied to the legal representatives and our invoice has been paid.



If you wish to obtain copies of all data we hold in relation to you, please email using this link Please ensure you give us sufficient information to identify you, such as name, address, telephone number and details of what our relationship with you was when the data was obtained by us, so that we can accurately identify all data we hold on you.



All digital data is held in an encrypted, password protected system and all physical data (film negatives, contracts, printed invoices, printed/written correspondence, etc) is held in secure, locked cabinets. We use third party secure file transfer services when supplying digital data to clients (eg. image files).



Sometimes we need to share data with a third party in order to fulfil our contractual obligations to clients. For example, we may need to supply the names of guests to hotels or transport providers for people taking part in residential workshops or safaris. PhotoClassic never shares any information that is not required to enable third parties to provide their services to our clients.


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