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Ptarmigan and Mountain Hare

28th January 2018

Male Ptarmigan in Winter plumage taking offMountain Hare runningPtarmigan in Spring MoultMountian Hare

This half-day workshop is for photographers at intermediate or advanced levels of ability and aims to provide opportunities to photograph some of the most elusive British wildlife. The Cairngorms National Park provides a spectacular home to many wild creatures. The Mountain or Blue Hare is Britain's only native Hare species. In Winter their coats change from a blueish-brown to white, helping to camoflage them against the snow at the higher altitudes where they live. The Ptarmigan is a species of Grouse that also lives at higher altitudes and has the same ability to change its appearance. We are running this workshop once at the start of the Winter change and once nearer the end.

You will need to be reasonably fit to take part in this workshop, as it involves a hill-climb of around 1,000 feet and walking on uneven or slippy ground. The price for this workshop is £85.

To book your place on this workshop, or to buy a place as a gift, please click the button below. Places are limited to 4 people for safety reasons, so early booking is advised.

Recommended equipment for this workshop is:

    Lens with a focal length of at least 200mm or equivalent (ideally 300mm or higher)
    Sturdy walking boots
    Warm clothing
    Waterproof clothing

Optional items:

    Walking Poles

Click here to enquire about booking your place on this workshop.
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