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Ptarmigan & Mountain Hare Photography Experience

7th December 2019

Our Ptarmigan and Mountain Hare Photography Experience is a great opportunity to learn some wildlife photography techniques, whilst adding stunning images to your wildlife portfolio. At this time of year the Ptarmigan and Mountain Hare are changing from their Summer coats to the pure white they need to camoflage themselves against the snow in Winter.

Ptarmigan cock in Winter

Ptarmigan cock in Winter plumage
This one-day Experience sees us travel to Gairnshiel, where we aim to find Red Grouse and Mountain Hare and then on to Glenshee, where we will take the chair lift to the top of Cairnwell in search of Ptarmigan and Mountain Hare. After we descend the mountain again, we have lunch before heading back to Aberdeen via Gairnshiel, for one more look for Red Grouse and Mountain Hare.

Female Ptarmigan in Winter plumage

Ptarmigan hen in Winter plumage

Mountain Hare

Mountain Hare in Gairnshiel
For this Photography Experience you will need to be fairly fit and have good balance, as we will be hiking around the snowy mountain top at Cairnwell in search of the wildlife. We carry out regular recce trips and give participants weather updates in the days before the event, so that you can ensure you bring what you need for the conditions.

Mountain Hare

Mountain Hare on Cairnwell in Winter coat with no snow
We take a maximum of four photographers on our Ptarmigan & Mountain Hare Photographic Experience and places are sold on a first-come-first-served basis, so book early to avoid disappointment.

The cost for this event is £245, which includes travel from Aberdeen to the various locations, a return trip on the Glenshee chairlift and lunch in Braemar.
To book your place on our Ptarmigan & Mountain Hare Photographic Experience, please click the button below.

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