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Feedback From Photographers

So Howard and I have known of each other for a few years and we have on occasion met up very briefly to transfer models, etc. This time though I attended one of Howards' well respected workshops, Art Nude in the Landscape, as I expected it was a highly well organised workshop with some of the finest models. There were talks, practical lessons, early morning starts in fabulous locations, hikes into remote and beautiful areas and locations with plenty of shooting on the way. It was a fantastic experience that I highly recommend to beginners and experienced alike, the whole workshop was a joy from start to finish. Howard and Karen work very hard to make the workshop more than a bit special and that tells you the level of commitment and quality invested to make sure all participants, photographers and models alike, have the best experience possible. I thoroughly recommend a PhotoClassic experience.

John McNairn (John's Portfolio on Purpleport)


PhotoClassic's art nude in the landscape workshop had come very highly recommended to me by both models and photographers who had participated in previous workshops. I am pleased to say that this April I attended one of the two workshops run, and both thoroughly enjoyed the experience and just as importantly learned a great deal about my favourite photographic art nude genre.

Communications with PhotoClassic before the workshop were exceptionally good with every question I asked being answered swiftly and most helpfully. From the moment I was picked up by PhotoClassic in Inverness I was made to feel very welcome and an important participant in the workshop. At times the weather conditions during the 2 1/2 days were very challenging, as one would expect in the Scottish highlands at this time of year. However, the PhotoClassic Team's years of experience and thorough knowledge ensured that we all got the most possible out of our time. The locations chosen are simply stunning, and the models amongst the very top of this art nude genre in Britain.

As well as the field work experience , PhotoClassic also delivered a number of interesting presentations during the workshop, which helped to clarify a number of questions that the participants had in relation to this form of photography. All in all it was a most enjoyable and informative few days, and I am delighted with the images that I secured from the experience. The time simply sped past all too quickly. I can thoroughly recommend PhotClassic and their workshops to all photographers interested in learning, and in developing their photographic skills. Many thanks for all your hard work and wonderful sense of sharing (not to mention sense of humour too!) Howard, Karen, Jason and Tsavo (the husky)!

Paul Veron (Paul's Portfolio on Purpleport)


Over the Easter weekend I travelled up to Scotland to attend the PhotoClassic art nude in the landscape workshop.

I've deliberately waited to leave this reference so that I could reflect on this experience whilst reviewing my modest efforts with the camera. This is not a conventional workshop where someone sets-up the shot and you step in to press the shutter release. You have to work hard and quickly to deal with challenging and changeable conditions whilst the models suffer for your art. However it is immensely satisfying to create and capture beautiful images in these situations.

The itinerary was well thought out, the locations stunning, the models brilliant and my fellow photographers were all good company. However what impressed me most was the care and attention Howard and Karen showed towards the models to ensure they all remained safe in some really extreme weather conditions. I can wholeheartedly recommend this weekend and hope to return again.

Thanks Howard and Team I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. "
Mark Abel
 (Mark's Portfolio on Purpleport)


"This is my second safari from Photoclassic. Concentrating on East & West Tsavo and the Mara National Parks. Highlights were viewing the wildebeest crossings, an unforgettable experience, lion and painted dogs in the Mara. The elephants of Tsavo covered in the red dust of the region are always noteworthy. Howard's knowledge of local wildlife was extensive and very useful throughout the trip. Stunning photographic opportunities abound; I will be booking again."
Icarus Owen


"I just spent an amazing three days as one of the lucky photographers on one of Howard's Photo Classic Nudes in the Landscape workshops. What I experienced was a stage-by-stage masterclass in how this sort of event should be run, as really every possible detail was handled with so much care, commitment and planning.

The basic idea of the event was to drive to one of the most scenic corners of Scotland over the Easter break and photograph three of the world's best models (Rachelle, Keira and Helen) in various well-picked locations. What really sets this event apart from all others for me was the way that Howard and Karen were ready to adapt to the weather conditions - and they certainly had plenty of weather conditions to adapt to. This was the Easter weekend when airports were closed and high winds destroyed cranes and downed power lines.

But every photo-shoot had a plan B and a plan C so we either worked with the weather, learning how to plan a set so that lenses were facing out of the rain, or we side-stepped the weather by shifting the time or location slightly. The models, all brilliant in their own unique ways, displayed almost super-human levels of endurance, which was partly down to their professionalism and commitment but also partly down to the trust that they clearly have for Howard and Karen, knowing that every aspect of their safety has been considered and that their own personal favourite flavours of hot soup will be available as soon as they've got their clothes back on.

As well as coming away with the best images ever to pass through my camera's lens, I've also learned an enormous amount about how to organise outdoor shooting and work in a way that models will want to come back and work with you again afterwards. I would highly recommend this and any other of Howard's work-shops and I hope that one day I'll have the chance to attend another one. "
Charlie Marshall


"This weekend was my second with Photoclassic in the Scottish Highlands and it was just as good as the previous one, which is saying something.

Howard, Karen and Jason are a very experienced team who think of everything from superb locations and models to makeup, safety and all the elements that make for a successful outdoor photography event.

The unpredictable Scottish weather even behaved itself for most of the weekend, providing a combination of snow on the mountains and Sun on the lakes, rivers and forests. Rachelle and Cariad were the two models, both of whom were good fun, obliging and full of creativity (and beauty!).

The four photographers gelled well, the food was good and I highly recommend Photoclassic to photographers, experienced or not, who wish to shoot beauty and nature combined in this lovely part of the World."

Declan Long (Declan's Purpleport Portfolio)


"Have just returned from attending the Art Nude in the Landscape workshop. PhotoClassic (Howard) leads these workshops with such enthusiasm and attention to detail that, in my opinion, they are some of the best I’ve been on - have attended two years in succession.

 Everything is itemised and detailed with alternate plans for inclement weather. Weather and conditions determine the day schedule - and takes into account both model comfort and photographer ability. Arranged accommodation is basic but functional - but we don’t come here to sit in our rooms.

Initial reviews suggest I’ve captured some great images that I’m looking forward to editing.

Howard 'Boss' together with Karen 'the Real Boss' - have established what I think is a unique (I’ve not seen others) workshop that does more than just creating great images - you’re also educated in how to host such a shoot yourself ensuring the comfort, well being and safety of the model. Recommended and truly hope to return again next year."

Paul Davison (Paul's Purpleport Portfolio)


"The shoot was a joy; 'Evening on the Sand' was the workshop I partook in. Howard was friendly, approachable, and furthermore sports a great sense of humour; this made for a very accessible workshop in which I could only feel encouraged.

The content of the workshop was well inline with my expectation, if not better. We moved through various scenarios in which Howard would let you get a feel for the situation and then check by offering helpful insights as he went.

This was ideal to me as I felt freedom to shoot but also, and importantly, that help was at hand should it be sought. Simply put; I could happily imagine going on a PhotoClassic workshop again Smile"

Sean McHale (Sean's Purpleport Portfolio)


"I've done a lot of workshop shoots with PhotoClassic, since getting to know Howard and Karen, they are always well organised, professional with top models and a lot of fun thrown in for free.

But their Film Noir, a murder mystery shoot on location in and around Aberdeen, had to be one of the best ever. Just goes to show what creative people they are. Their hospitality for the weekend was also most appreciated."

Donald Sutherland (Donald's Portfolio on Purpleport)


"Clear crisp weather, although cold, grand landscapes from beach to rivers, castles to lochs and mountains, good company and a learning experience as well. What more could you ask for, well two absolutely stunning models posing nude in those landscapes.

This is exactly what we got when Howard M. Kennedy and Karen Kennedy of Photoclassic organised their art nudes in the landscape workshop in the frozen far north west of Scotland.

The two models, Rachael Summers and Madame Bink braved what was perhaps one of the coldest Easter weekends to bare all for us photographers to get some stunning images.

All in all one of the best photographic events I have had the pleasure to attend. Now all I have to do is sort out the many images from it. My thanks to all involved and I definitely look forward to the next one."
Les Auld


"I attended a workshop for beginners about shooting art nude, hosted by Howard. I found it hugely beneficial. great advice was given on technical side, using light meters, strobes etc, as well as the artistic side of things, using props etc to create interest. Perhaps most importantly was the advice given to help models feel at ease and comfortable during a shoot, to enable the best images possible (and ensure they will work with you again)! I walked away with some of the best images I've ever taken, and am booked on another of his workshops already."

Richard Findlay (Richard's portfolio on Purpleport)


"Participated in a group shoot / workshop with Howard at a secluded beach local to us. Really well organised with an excellent Model Scarlet Rose. I had been out of people photography for a while and this was an excellent kick start to get me back into it. Howard is a very easy going person with an excellent style about him and loads of experience. Definitely recommended to both beginners and those like myself who just needed a kick start to get going again."

George Gray (George's Purpleport portfolio)

Feedback From Models

"All you have to do is read through the umpteenth references I've left Howard to know that I class him as a true friend. So it's not surprising that I always look forward to working on one of his workshops, and that I think he is a first class event organiser Smile

However this last workshop I did for him has topped them all! That's saying something giving how many incredible weekends/days I've had working for him on these workshops, but his Autumn Beauty workshop literally blew my mind!

We had the most perfect weather! Gorgeous golden tree lines lit up by the sunshine, and then to top it all off - snow! I mean literally location gold!! Howards locations are always stunning and he goes to great lengths to make sure the photographers booked on will go back with incredible images, but this place just took the biscuit!

I've fallen in love with the place and could not be more gutted that I can not join them next year - but seriously people get booked on you will not regret it (shameless plug Tongueout)!!!

Anyway, I think it goes without saying that I recommend him and his workshops to models and photographers, but thanks for another knockout weekend Smile"

Rachelle Summers (Rachelle's Purpleport Portfolio)


"There are not many people I would get into a freezing cold bog for, but knowing Howard's attention to safety and aftercare I braved it, which says a lot!! Not only was the content of the workshop in a league of its own for the attendees, but the advice and information given was worth it alone! Absolutely invaluable and if any photographer wishes to book me for a shoot like this one to one I'll be asking whether they have attended this workshop first! "
Scarlot Rose
(Scarlot's Portfolio on Purpleport)


"I had the joy of working with Howard and Karen on their Autumn Beauty in the landscape workshop. This is my second workshop them in recent years in Scotland, this time we were outdoors near Loch Ness.

Howard is a great organiser with every detail of our trip planned out meticulously. When working in the cold and sometimes tricky environments it is so important. To say we were lucky with the weather is an understatement.

The locations that Howard chose were off the scale amazing! We had the beautiful autumn colours, a serene landscape with the calm lakes and on one of the days even snow, all the while with sunshine lighting up the colours and textures around us.

Howard's teaching to the group for model safety were always priority, he was mindful of us throughout the weekend and how the cold can catch you off guard sometimes. He was prepared with soup on tap, lovely warm jackets and good banter.

I knew I was going to enjoy this trip but honestly I am still blown away with both Howard and Karen's hospitality and their company. I love working with this dream team!

Definitely a highly recommended."

Cariad Celis (Cariad's portfolio on Purpleport)


"Howard and Karen hosted me while I was in Aberdeen and I can thank them enough of their warm hospitality. Dinners prepared by them were really delicious and satisfying, companied by the best picked movie. And of course, Tsavo, who has been really lovely and welcoming. Howard even brought me to visit the Dunnottar Castle which was really very nice of him Smile

 During our shoot, Howard and Karen took care of me really well. They even prepared, towels, blankets, hot tea and soup for me to make sure I am warm enough. You can be sure that you are very well taken care of during the shoot and during your stay with them. I'm already thinking of doing a winter shoot with them because I know that I will be in good hands.

The photos turn out really great and I am glad we worked together. I would really love to work with Howard and Karen again the next time I visit Aberdeen.

Highly recommended!!! Smile"
Sonya Lynn
 (Sonya's Portfolio on Purpleport)


"I have just recently returned from a weekend modeling for Howard on his art nude in landscape Photoclassic workshop and I didn't have a good experience... I had a an absolutely phenomenal experience! Please excuse the whole Simon Cowell style of feedback but really, when a photographer had to pretty much drag his models out of a loch kicking and screaming you know it has been an exceptionally productive few days and a shoot to most certainly remember. Smile

Howard got in touch just weeks before said workshop with the proposal for me to step in following a cancellation; things could not have fell more wonderfully into place and I am so very glad that circumstances happened the way they did because it has been one of the most enjoyable workshops I have modelled for to this very day. The locations taken on were simply stunning not to mention completely varied - the great thing about Photoclassic is how carefully spots are selected to ensure that the images are going to shine with glory. From a models perspective, seeing what environment you have to play with just fills you with excitement! All in all, the workshops are truly informative and offer so much valuable material making them even interesting to the models assisting - the quality of the photography is the icing on the cake and Howard demonstrates superb methods for blasting out beautifully composed images when there is so much you are presented with within each location.

The care shown towards models with Photoclassic is by far the best. Howard and Karen make a point of looking after and encouraging total respect for us during every single moment from the hot soup/tea in-between sets to the kind offer of accommodation before/after the workshops. You feel 100% comfort throughout and because of this are able to give the very best quality of modelling work; Photoclassic workshops have a perfect balance of relaxed etiquette and high-yield action keeping a professional flow/rapport maintained at all times.

Next Easter I am booked to visit again and it cannot come quick enough, I laughed so much working with Howard and the gang this time that my chest and vocal chords were more tired than my limbs!

Very, very highly recommended. Photoclassic workshops rock in every way possible - fabulous images, endless fun and exceptional value to photographers guaranteed. Smile"
Keira Lavelle (
Keira's Portfolio on Purpleport)


"Howard is quite simply one of my favourite people to work with and over the time we've known each other, I'm proud to know him as one of my very good friends. I've worked on a fair few of Howard's workshops now and every one has been brilliant fun! I have attended his workshops both as a model and as a photographer, and they are always entertaining and informative. Not to mention totally unique too. On this particular workshop, I got the chance to gender-bend from a 1950's James Dean-esq character to a retro pin up girl! It was a good laugh and the resulting images from the workshop look superb. Really looking forward to next year's Nude in the Landscape workshop with Howard, where I'll be modelling alongside the awesome Rachelle Summers and Keira Lavelle in the stunningly beautiful Assynt area of Scotland (shameless plug alert: Only a couple more spaces left - get involved photographers! Bahaha)"

Helen Stephens (Helen's portfolio on Purpleport)


"Had a really wonderful time shooting with Howard a few weeks ago! He is very well organised photographer who kept me well informed of details regarding the shoot before hand! He is also incredibly hospitable, kindly offering me a place to stay for the night!

Howard is very funny, friendly and easy individual to work with, he is also incredibly considerate of a models needs and comforts during a shoot and ensures they don't freeze having been plunged into the north sea!!

Howard works very quickly and efficiently during a shoot, he spots great angles and has a real eye for a beautiful shot!

He also gets on very well with not only models but other photographers (we ran a small workshop whilst working together!) and in general is a lovely person to have amongst a team of people on a shoot!

We got some really beautiful location images and I had a really wonderful time achieving them with Howard, highly recommended!"
Lulu Lockhart
 (Lulu's portfolio on Purpleport)


"I got to work with Howard and the gang again a few days ago (yay) on a wicked Film Noir workshop (yay) in Aberdeen. I loved the event (totally up my street- moody, story telling and I get to play dress up!) and the day was such fun.

Loads of lovely photographers, some lovely new models for me to meet and great images! The event was super, everyone had such a good time and I can't wait to see more results from the event- the ones I have seen so far are fab!

As ever, Howard looked after us all really well! He is a lovely chappy and I can't recommend him highly enough! Can't wait to hopefully work with him again next time I am up! "

Artemis Fauna (Artemis's Purpleport Portfolio)


"I had my first Photoclassic experience recently and I loved it!! I took part in 2 workshops, an early morning sunrise shoot at the beach and a fashion street workshop! Both of which went very well!

I must say that Howard and his wife Karen were by far the most considerate photographers I've ever worked with! They had everything to make sure I was safe and warm at all times!! From hot soup to down coats. I had many warm up breaks and they didn't overwork or overshoot either! Once they got the shot they got the shot!!! Which I always say is a mark of a good photographer!!

They were also kind enough to host me while I was there. Offering a lovely room as well as. Ring treat to some lovely trips out which I'm very grateful for!

As people, Howard and Karen are lovely! So easy to get on with and lots of fun tonne around! It barely felt like work at all! Howard had already processed some images from our shoot and boy are they beautiful! Really proud to be part of them!

All in all a wonderful time, fun, relaxed, professional!! Highly recommended by me! I hope we will be working together again!!"

Nicole Rayner (Nicole's Purpleport portfolio)


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