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Organising Your Own Budget Safari in Kenya

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Many photographers would love a dream safari in Africa but are put off by the prohibitive prices of organised tours. Booking through a travel agent, you can expect to pay anything from £3,000 to over £6,000 per person for one week, with additional hidden costs of up to £1,000 to worry about. We booked our first safari through an agent and after we returned, we decided the only way to be able to visit regularly would be to organise our own. This presentation covers everything you need to know about organising your own safari on a budget. As an example; the best we have managed to date was a 3 week safari, including 15 days in major game reserves for a total cost of  £1,450 per person including flights. We will cover everything from where to go, how to plan and prepare, what to pack, problems to look out for and what to expect when you get there. Duration 1hr (approx)

£30 from the lecture fee will be donated to the charity Save the Elephants.

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