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An Evening on the Sand 2014

Lulu at the beach
Lulu on the sand.

Our Evening on the Sand 2014 Artistic Nude Workshop took place on July 3rd. This is one of the shortest workshops we run, at just two hours and the model we had booked for this workshop was new to us but brought an excellent reputation for artistic modelling. Lulu Lockhart is a relatively new face on the photographic modelling scene but has already established herself as a real talent, due to having a few years life-modelling experience for artists under her belt, so we were very much looking forward to working with her.

We booked Lulu for four hours; this gave us time to get to know each other, so that we would not be trying to work together for clients totally cold. We had a short shoot at the impressive clifftop ruins of Slains Castle as a warm-up before moving down to the coast to meet everyone for the workshop.

Seducing the Moonlight
"Seducing the Moonlight" ~ Lulu at Slains Castle.


After meeting everyone at Newburgh, we headed for the dunes at Forvie Sands on a very pleasant evening with good prospects for excellent photographic light. Once we reached the dunes, we were not disappointed. A large area of virgin sand gave us the perfect opportunity to add Lulu's footprints as a lead-in to the shot.

Lulu on the sand
A curved lead-in of footprints to Lulu

The darkness of the sky gave a fantastic contrast to the sand, making images equally striking in colour or monochrome.

"Lost in the Desert"

From the large dunes, we continued on to the massive expanse of sandy shore at the beach, where Lulu used the wind to good effect to help everyone create some dramatic images.

Blowing in the Wind
"Blowing in the Wind"

Daughter of Atlas
"Daughter of Atlas" ~ Lulu holding up the sky

This was followed by a set with Lulu in (and out of) a vintage summer dress, which gave some very strong images.

Vintage Dress
"Caught by the Wind" ~ Lulu in the vintage summer dress

Lulu created some real tension in this set, working with the strong contrasts between light and shade to create a powerful storytelling set of images.


Washed Up
"Washed Up"

She then began another nude set with some poses that made great use of her toned physique.


"Arched" ~ Lulu stretches her physique to add great tension to the pose, whilst perfectly positioned in the light and shade


Then Lulu entered the deceptively cold North Sea for the first time and the strong evening light caused reflections of her skin on the waves as they crashed ashore.


Siren or Mermaid
"Siren or Mermaid?" ~ Late evening light reflects off Lulu in the waves


After a brief break to warm up, Lulu returned to the sea and became completely submerged, before crawling ashore to give one last dramatic set, as the beautiful late evening light created reflections on the wet sand.


The evening light may be warm but the North Sea is anything but!

I am an island
"I am a Rock, I am an Island"

With one final glance, it was all over...


I'll be back
"Good Night" ~ A final glance at the camera


This was the first time we had worked with Lulu but it will not be the last. She is an exceptionally talented and hard-working model with an uncanny ability to see the shot and be the shot at the same time. As she dried off and warmed up with a cup of soup, everyone else was chimping at their images, delighted with what they could achieve in just two hours with one top model.

Behind The Scenes

Getting the shot
Bill getting the shot with Lulu


The end
Excited chatter about images as Lulu dries off

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